Warehouse Livin’

My Instagram, Pinterest, and every aesthetic-based medium I subscribe to has been completely overtaken with exposed brick walls, reclaimed wood, steel countertops, and grungy light fixtures.

This look places honesty and transparency about its components above all else. This is a far cry from the all-white furniture spreads of House and Home. The industrial look is departure from clean and frilly and celebrates function, and oftentimes, sustainability. Our new modern is a lot less refined and brings us spaces that incorporate modern furniture design with an urban charm.

In most industrial spaces, you’ll see:

High ceilings, wide spaces

Lofts tend to lend themselves well to this style, giving space and air so the elements don’t overwhelm. Open concepts and a lot of natural light ensure that your design choices look intentional and not just cheap.

Exposed build elements

Exposed brick walls take the place of an accent wall in most cases, but you can also find brick in support columns, blank, and blank. Another place you’ll see this authentic aspect is in exposed piping, ventilation, or air ducts.

Re-loved materials

Reclaimed or recycled materials are given new life with this interior look, whether it’s through decorative objects and furniture, or as counters.

Rustic light fixtures

In shades of grey, green, or even golds and silvers, this look returns to a hanging pendant light with exposed bulbs and occasionally worn textures.

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