My mid-year DIY resolutions

Is anyone else overwhelmed with their Pinterest boards? I’ve filed away so many to-dos that even thinking about picking up my hot glue gun and trying one of my planned crafts feels like a chore. I’m making a mid-year resolution to clear out my weekend, clear off my table and get crafting. Here are the five DIYs I’ve pinned and forgotten about for far too long:

1. Distressing wood to make it look old:

How fantastic is this? I have a project table and chairs that I’ve never gotten around to. The table is distressed, certainly, but the stain is all wrong. I’m still debating whether to re-stain the whole thing or to just build a whole new one. I vow to figure out this debacle and do my eating surface justice.

2. Cord and wood map

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 2.38.22 AM

When I was 19, I moved to the opposite side of Canada. My family is spread out throughout the provinces, so any opportunity we can get together is valued. Now that we’re all adults the gifts have gotten more sentimental, and I think this cord and wood map would make the perfect gift for anyone in a geographically-challenged family. I vow to tackle this in a reasonable amount of time before Christmas.

3. Duct tape dress form

I’ve been meaning to pick up my grade nine sewing skills again, but I haven’t gotten around to getting a machine. And because I haven’t completed that crucial step, I haven’t had a great reason to give this duct tape dress form a shot. See a common theme here? I vow to get sewing again and to tackle this project so I can make clothes for myself and learn to tailor.

4. Any and all tutorials to do with chalk paint

I pray to the church of loved and lived in furniture, so adding some bumps and scrapes to furniture with chalk paint is right up my alley. I dream of all the damage I could do to shelves, tables, coffee tables, and mirrors. It’s time to make that dream a reality. I vow to shabby-chic anything I can get my hands on this year.

5. Wood slice art

The second I spotted a medium-sized wood slice at Michaels, I knew I could come up with all kinds of ways to turn it into decor. Clocks, quotes, a small painting. The possibilities were endless and I was obsessed. I imagine the instant gratification such an easy and quick project would give me…. But I still haven’t gotten around to doing this. I vow to get a wood slice hanging quaintly in my living room before Christmas.

I feel so gratified just making these vows! Do you guys have any DIYs you’ve been slacking on? Please share!


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