A tribute to Mad Men and mid century interiors

1. I am not up-to-date on Mad Men
2. I mainly watched it for aesthetic appeal.

I’m sorry! Can we move on?

The thing I loved so much about this show was its dedication to authenticity and aesthetic choices. The show receives heaps of praise for their costume department, but it’s always the sets and props that got me.

The Mad Men set

The post WWII prosperity saw suburban homes turn into curvy, earth toned mod residences. Furniture, linens, and other textiles featured an earthy palette of olive green, mustard yellow, and shades of orange and brown. The chairs and couches took on curvy and geometric shapes that complemented the mod persuasion of the time.

Trends tend to recycle, so it’s a surprise to absolutely no one that mid-century has made its way back in a whiter, cleaner format. Modern takes on mid century borrow the shapes of chairs and surfaces while staying away from the loud colour palette of the 1960s.

Click the gallery below to see a bunch of photos and illustrations of mid century decor in its heyday:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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